TikiTour33 Day One- Boston

Yesterday started my whole Tiki Tour with three bars in Boston! The Kowloon, Tiki Rock, and Shore Leave.

The Kowloon is a huge Chinese restaurant that has been around a long time. The food is pretty good, but their Mai Tai; I’m not entirely sure what is actually in it.

Tiki Rock is a fun space that definitely caters to the college crowd that surrounds the area that it’s in. It’s a more upbeat place that has a friendly staff and decent drinks.

Shore Leave is the newest place in downtown Boston and is incredible. No tikis in sight, but everything else fits a ‘tiki bar’. Its literally in the basement of the building, no windows, dark moody lighting, perfect music, different bar, table, booth options, and the drinks were top notch. Definitely worth another visit.